Little Monsters

Away from prying eyes, workers are forced to use hazardous chemicals.
As a part of the Greenpeace Detox campaign 'Little Monsters' were designed to represent the chemicals themselves. This short animation helps to explain and offers context to one of the Little Monster-campaign’s priority chemical groups: PFCs
“You might not able to see them... but chemical 'monsters' are swarming all over the planet” 
Today, we live in a world filled with hazardous chemicals. These 'Little Monsters' have been unleashed into our lives and the lives of our children, polluting our rivers, entering our bodies and causing havoc from the factory to the high street, from the north pole to our own homes.
Together we can build a future where companies put people above profit, with laws that protect our environment and value our health. A world of innovation, opportunity and clean production. A toxic-free tomorrow we can be proud to leave to our future generations.
Watch the full video here..
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